Order in Tango Class

Tango is danced from the heart, from the soul of the music and spirit of the dance partner. BUT, when you first step in to a Argentine Tango class, or any dance class for that matter, you first have to feel comfortable with some choreography, stepping to the beat and doing this together with a partner.  Moving in a close tango embrace adds a whole new level to the experience.

Where to start? Basic foundations, the “stuff” that is danced most on the social dance floor. Etiquette too, belongs to basic foundation. This is why Tango and I has developed an 8 week beginner series. Where we let you discover how tango movement works within easy to understand perimeters. When you are done with this 8 week session, you are ready to move on to the second level with confidence. We have many students who repeat these 8 week series. Sometimes even more than once, while they also participate in other classes: The beginner series are chockfull of tango information.

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(Curriculum Overview PDF)


Detailed Beginner Curriculum
Curriculum Foundation A
Curriculum Foundation B plus combined A&B

For our Intermediate and Advanced classes, we have a different topic every month. We dig in our heels and explore tango from all angles, which means dance technique, partnership, musicality, and intricate vocabulary. No stone left unturned! Sign up for our monthly newsletter to receive the information you need!