Curriculum Foundation A

The first 2 volumes are completed in the 6.30 time slot on Wednesdays and 10 am on Saturdays.You need to be able to lead and follow the 8 count basic in order to graduate to Volume 3 and beyond.

We would like for any student to complete the Level A Volumes. What does that mean?. If you miss one month, not to worry, simply catch it the next time around. Which might mean that you have followed Level B and return to Level A for one month to complete your studies. USE THE CARDS TO KEEP TRACK – the cards are located at Dance Life, in the classroom. (Curriculum: Volumes PDF Download Available Here)

We can schedule a personal assessment with you during a practica on Saturday, or request another time with one of the teachers if you are a more experienced tango dancer / are coming from different tango back ground / different teachers.

Volume 3 Close Embrace Classics  ~ Level A

Week 1: finding a comfortable close embrace plus walking in parallel and cross system in close embrace
Week 2: the 8 count basics, parallel and cross, plus the rock steps in close embrace
Week 3: ocho cortado in close embrace
Week4:  ocho cortado and rock step turn to the left, finding the line of dance

Volume 4: Back and Forward Ochos ~ Level A

Week 1: flavors of back ochos
Week 2: flavors of forward ochos
Week 3: topping on the ochos
Week 4: locking back the ochos, the ultimate flavor!

Volume 5: The Molinette Revealed ~ Level A

Week 1: the molinette, what the heck is it?
Week 2: entrance and exit the molinette
Week 3: open and the closed embrace
Week 4: playing with the molinette!

Volume 6: The Ocho Cortado ~ Level A

Week 1: getting comfortable with the close embrace, how to turn your follower
Week 2: Timing of the Ocho Cortado, slowing it down, speeding it up
Week 3 /4 : Combinations before and after the Ocho Cortado

Volume 7: The Turn to the Left in Cross System ~ Level A

Video review of Foundations 2 (Wed 7:30 class)

Week 1: Turn to the left in cross system
Week 2: Refining turn to the left (in close embrace) – musicality
Week 3: Options with the exit from a turn to the left


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