Curriculum Foundation B plus combined A&B

Volume 8 Time for Fusion

Week 1: Changing your embrace according to the your vocabulary and the beauty of tango structure like using the Cruzada (cross) to go from a close to an open embrace
Week 2: going from a close embrace to an open embrace and back again via forward ochos and the molinette
Week 3: Tango embrace why does it change? Exploring all options.
Week 4: Review and adding some flair and gusto to all these moves

Volume 9 Rocking the boat ~ Level A & B

Week 1: Rock steps in parallel and cross system
Week 2: Rock turns to the left plus embrace
Week 3: Rock turns to the right plus embrace
Week 4: Rock steps, turns, embrace and music

Volume 10 Technical Tournament ~ Level A & B

Week 1: using the floor? where is my axis? heels or toes?
Week 2: upper body movement / action and consequence
Week 3: Loose legs – where can I take them? and how should I make the move?
Week 4: is everything connected? feet/ upper body / axis / embrace. On to the new stuff

Volume 11 Stop That Move (following this one up with Volume 12 is recommended) ~ level B

Week 1: a foot stop ( parada )on a side step – let’s play!
Week 2: foot stops in a molinette (windmill) – more playing
Week 3: let’s add week 1 to week 2
Week 4: foot stop in a back ward ocho

Volume 12 What a Drag!!! (having done Volume 11 is recommended) ~ Level B

Week 1: sweep/drag (barrida) on a side step
Week 2: sweeps on a forward step
Week 3: sweeps with a cruzada
Week 4: review and revamp

Volume 13 Cutting Corners ~ Level B

Week 1 and 2: rock turns (left, right, parallel and cross feet)
Week 3: corners to the left in cross feet
Week 4: back side cross turn to the left

Volume 14 Displace This! Sacadas ~ Level A & B

Week 1: what is a displacement ( sacada) / Displacements on a sidestep
Week 2: displacements (sacada) on a forward step
Week 3: let’s combine week one and two
Week 4: displacement on a back step

Volume 15 Have You Met This Gancho? ~ Level B

Week 1 and 2: gancho from a forward step
Week 3: gancho from a backstep
Week 4: how many gancho’s are there? (how about the one starting with an ocho cortado?)

Volume 16 Music to My Ears ~ Level A & B

Week 1: Tango music, breaking down the counts and adding play fullness
Week 2: Tango music, pauses and syncopas
Week 3: Finding the beat (what is the strong beat and the weak beat?)
Week 4: Combinations to the music

Volume 17 Milonga ~Level A&B

Week 1: What is milonga? basic steps
Week 2: Basic combinations
Week 3: Basic combinations continued
Week 4: Playing with the milonga beat

Volume 18 Single axis turns ~ Level B

Week 1: single axis turns to the left
Week 2: single axis turns to the left continued
Week 3: single axis turns to the right
Week 4: single axis turns to the right continued

Volume 19 Valz ~ Level A & B

Week 1: What is valz? Basic steps
Week 2: basic turns in the valz
Week 3: basic combinations
Week 4: Valz dynamics

Volume 20 Boleos ~ Level B

Week 1: what are boleos? (kicks in the air) back boleos
Week 2: back boleos continued
Week 3: front boleos
Week 4: front boleos continued

Volume 21 the Molinette /Giros #2 ~ level B

Week 1: turn to the right with sacada
Week 2: the lapiz ( leader embellishments)
Week 3: the woman’s planeo
Week 4: the embrace plus basic combinations

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