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Hello, you have found the Tango and I page. We no longer offer group classes or any other tango events. Please look up the Tango Society of Minnesota where they can guide you towards your tango journey! Sabine does teach private lessons though ( :

Here is the story behind this decision ( :

Today is a new start

Decision made: tango is my new hobby, and no longer a business to run……

Enthusiasm for tango is simply not a strong enough expression to describe how I felt when I “found” this dance. Which was about 18 years ago? 
Argentine Tango has offered me such new curiosity and promise to the elusive “zone”, where time collapses, and sound falls away. Friendships were formed and business ventures were created. 
And now, I am going to open new doors. Leaving on a high note, well, not dancing tango all together. I will always be dancing tango. But, I will no longer be offering weekly group classes nor practica.

To be honest with you; the thought of starting up Tango & I after   ( and during ongoing) Covid-19 is a daunting thought to me. I started Tango & I about 15 years ago, and frankly, worked hard to become a successful tango school with a great team all the way up to when we were forced to leave it stone cold in March of 2020.
I loved organizing it, even when it meant that in the very beginning I would only have about 4 to 5 eager beginners in the class room! 
It feels like I would have to start from scratch, and this time around, I am not in the same frame of mind as 15 years ago.

So, there it is. I am saying goodbye to running a business. That does not mean I am saying goodbye to the Minnesota tango community, I will be dancing and will still be teaching some private lessons. ( My husband and I do have a great dance studio in the house!) 

I feel really positive about this decision, and have no regrets whatsoever. The knowledge I gained, the friendships that I formed, the incredible amount of undeniable energy by tango volunteers, and my Tango & I team, have been incredible.

I am a lucky woman to have been humbled by your participation in my tango journey. You have taught me so much over the years and it has enriched my life to the fullest.

I will be seeing you on the dance floor, somewhere, some day.

With much love and gratitude,

Sabine Ibes


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Sabine Ibes

Tango Challenge was enthusiastically designed by Mitra Martin and Stefan Fabry, Oxygen Tango L.A. The Challenge in Minneapolis is run by Sabine Ibes Click on her photo to find out more about Sabine and the Tango and I team.