It is my life: Tango and I

The plan (for now)
No classes, online or otherwise, for the months of August and September

Try out Practica September 5 – RSVP only ( see below)
Private lessons available schedule here
Mini private lessons available during practica (RSVP only)

We feel strongly that your health, and the health of our team comes first and foremost, in making this decision.  Argentine Tango is a close embrace sport and dance. Most people that come to classes, practicas and milongas do not have a steady dance partner. 
We also feel that we do not want to “police” our tango dancers too much. The Flying Pig studio will most likely have a strict policy in place for people to sign. Once we will get closer to opening, we will see what that agreement will look like.
The Flying Pig Studio is considered a gym, and as such will have to wait till stage 4 to open up its doors. And will most likely only be able to have 25% occupancy.

As far as private lessons.  We are able to take on couples, but not individual dancers.

Thank you!  The Tango & I team, Ann, Morgan, Susan, Avery, Megan and Sabine


Tango in Minneapolis

Tango & I has been teaching Argentine Tango for over 14 years in the Twin Cities, where they facilitate a nourishing environment for enhancement and practicing a social dance. A South Minneapolis based dance school for beginners and all level dancers!


6232 Lyndale Ave S, Richfield (right off Crosstown)

  • Beginner classes * Wednesdays at 6.30pm and *Saturdays 10 am 
  • All level classes and Intermediate classes on Wednesday evenings 7.30 + 8.30
  • Practica every Saturday from 11 till 1 coffee and tea served 
  • Tango con~Fusion this February 22 at 8pm ( A SOCIAL DANCE)

Lessons Facilitated by Sabine Ibes, Megan and Avery Harrington, Morgan Keil, Susan McKenna and Ann Person

Walk in the first or second week of the month is recommended.



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You and the Orchestra, dancing together! Please RSVP by emailing to
Come with us to the Netherlands this summer, here is some more info!

Our Tango seedling program!

Planting tango seedlings – the new tango students – will need regular and tender caring by a tango gardener!   Are you new to tango and would like to find a practice partner? OR have you been dancing tango for a little bit and feel that you could facilitate growth by meeting somebody new and helping out during practice time?  Let us know Send us an email

Sabine Ibes

Tango Challenge was enthusiastically designed by Mitra Martin and Stefan Fabry, Oxygen Tango L.A. The Challenge in Minneapolis is run by Sabine Ibes Click on her photo to find out more about Sabine and the Tango and I team.