Fast Track Teacher Training

The Fast Track: Immersing yourself in Tango through Teaching

Why is there a fast track? What are the objectives and goals?
Who is it for?
How does the fast track work?
How much time do I invest?
What will this set me back?

A program for teacher assistants and/or becoming a tango teacher


Growing a tango community takes time and patience. It is crucial to have tango mentors to help stimulate the tango students in our Minnesota tango community. For new and old tango students to feel safe, nurtured and connected in their learning environment. The objective of the fast track became very clear to me over the many years that I have been studying tango, including organizing, building a comprehensive and extensive tango curriculum, choreography, improvising, and researching pedagogy and andragogy : Building a holistic, friendly  and idealistic tango community through well thought out training of teachers, mentors and assistants.


  • For you to be able to immerse yourself into your tango dreams.
  • To become part of our creative fun “Tango & I” team, where you can discover yourself through connecting with others.
  • Learn how to really teach adults (andragogy) to open their minds to other possibilities.
  • Deepen your understanding of teaching tango, how to learn, how to embrace the bigger tango dream.
  • For you to independently teach the beginner classes, host practicas and practice sessions, OR
  • For you to feel confident to learn to inspire tango students by successfully assisting one of the teachers, OR
  • For you to mentor one or two tango students who need some extra kindness here and there during the classes.


For the fast track student to deepen their knowledge by immersing themselves into learning tango from the “other side” : the teaching side!     ~ The best way to learn, is to teach ~

Being able to feel what your partner (the student) is doing; you will have to look a lot deeper inside yourself. Being able to express yourself in an eloquent and precise way to your student will take immense concentration and willingness to use that imaginative brain! And learning when to shut it, i.e. patience ( :   All, and so many more sensitivities that will come to you so much faster because YOU are learning while teaching with the gentle guidance of our Instructors.

Program Outline

Who is this program for?

The tango fast track has been designed for tango dancers that are active in their learning of the leading and following role. ( When you do need to freshen up in the “other” role, join our beginner class first in the other role before starting the fast track program) This person practices regularly and goes out to dance on a regular basis in the twin cities or beyond. They are not afraid to start at the beginning but rather embrace the idea of learning everything anew! They are ready to take on a challenge even if that means picking up a book about anatomy, to deepen their knowledge into how to help out the tango students.

The Program Requirements

  • Attend and participate in one beginner class a week, one All level class, one Intermediate/advanced class
  • Attend the practicas and the fourth Saturday milongas
  • Attend the Tango and I workshops and events
  • Attend the bi- monthly meeting with the Tango and I team
  • To lead AND follow in the beginner class, all level class and practica.

The Cost

Your cost of the  intermediate/advanced class that you are required to attend, purchase of a 10 package is requested.  $120 for 10 lessons.
The Tango and I workshops and events you will also need to pay regular entrance fees.
And the cost of your time, which will be your investment into your tango dream future!
Dream on!