Classes, Privates & Prices

Classes in January:

Beginner classes Wednesday evenings at 6:30 & Saturday mornings at 10, please look below for detailed information about our beginner classes!

Wednesday evening and Saturday morning at “the Flying Pig Studio

December and Tango learning

Beginner and foundation classes
Every Wednesday evening at 6.30 AND Saturday morning at 10am
Our detailed curriculumwill give you insight into your tango ( :

All Level at 7.30

The Level A will be working on “the turn to the left in x-system”

The Level B will be working on Musicality, slowing down and speeding up.

Intermediate and Advanced at 8.30

Cutting Corners in circular and linear ways!  You as a leader: Oh my word, there is a person in front of me I need to do “something” – You as a follower: while you are moving dreamingly along in your partners embrace ALL of a sudden there is a change in lead; how do I react?

BOTH as leader and follower: what music is playing again?????

  • Indoor hours for the Practica in  January:  11pm till 2pm
  • January 26 Tango milonga con~fusion
  • All group classes are held at the Flying Pig Dance Studio
  • All mini privates are held at the Tango & I practica hours on Saturday morning

Practica every Saturday morning at 11 till 2.00 at the Flying Pig Studio – 


  • Walk in class                                                   $   15
  •  10 class package                                                120
  •  20 class package                                                220
  •  Golden Tango Package 

               10 group classes + 2 private lessons             240

  • Practica package   10 practica sessions            72
  • Walk in practica                                                  8
  • Private lesson (one hour) Sabine Ibes             75   
  • Mini Private lessons
    1. One Mini-Lesson  per month is $20
    2. Two Mini-Lessons per month is $38
    3. Four Mini-Lessons per month is $75
Private Lessons
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