Queer Tango

Learn how to dance the Argentine Tango!

Three ways for you to get started:

1  FAST FUN and FURIOUS ~ the Tango Challenge ~ coming in February 2019

2  Queer Tango Bootcamp ~ coming in November 2018 ~ See more at Queer Tango Bootcamp 2018

3  COME TO OUR WALK-IN CLASSES AND PRACTICA, at any time through out the year

The Queer tango challenge will be contingent upon enrollment.

Tango Challenge – designed specifically for the LGBT community in the Twin Cities

Together  with 9  teammates you will conquer the Argentine Tango.   Unlike your traditional approach to learning how to dance the Tango, this course will include in-depth studies about music, history and style.

Set in a safe environment  where we do not conform to heteronormative roles.

3 months , 6 hours a week commitment required to reach your goal.

Tango & I will throw a dance party in your honor at the end of the course. Champagne, certificates and celebrations will be in order!

No need to bring a partner. (Besides, dancing with friends is more fun!)

Sign up on the tango challenge page where you will also find lots more information!