About Us: The Tango & I Team

Tango & I is intended to strengthen, enrich, and expand the body of tango social dance knowledge. It’s designed to support and showcase the variety of ideas and information about Argentine tango as an art form.  We envision Argentine Tango as a catalyst to deepen generative connections, one huggable dance at a time. 

Sabine Ibes
Tango facilitator/creative director
Sabine Ibes has been dancing her whole life; She started focusing on Argentine Tango in 2003. In order to do so, she has been to Buenos Aires on several occasions. In 2014 she was awarded a study grant by MRAC and spent over a month in Buenos Aires, similar in 2015. In addition to her travels she has studied with many masters of Argentine Tango. (Gaston Torelli, Chicho Frumboli, Gustavo Naveira, Melina Brufman, Homer and Cristina Ladas, Brigitta Winkler, Tomas Howlin to name a few) She also has a deep interest in learning and teaching techniques, and a person’s ability to process information through body movement, control, and expression.

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Marcy Muldoon
Tango facilitator
I started dancing Argentine tango 13-14 years ago. It didn't seduce me immediately, however, as it was foreign to my background in ballroom dance. It was, frankly- work. I practiced tango walk while walking my dog, in grocery stores and parking lots. My refrigerator was my partner as I practiced my ochos. Then one day, that magical dance- effortless, infinitely connected and relaxed- happened, and I was hooked.
Like a lab rat running a maze chasing cheese, I hungrily pursued tango magic with lessons, practice and travel. I still do, and I plan to continue for as long as I am able.
My work as a nurse in the army reserves taught me the benefit of perseverance and delayed gratification. Tango is well worth this effort.
Marcy has been part of the Tango and I team since 2013, she is on the "tango fast track". Curious what the Fast Track is? ask her about it!
Megan Harrington
Tango facilitator
My tango journey started when I went to the Loring Pasta Bar on a Sunday night five years ago and I knew I had to be apart of this dance. I spend most if my time thinking about tango. And if that wasn't enough I have started making clothing and repping shoes through my company Adorn Tango Attire. My other passion is travel and I love the the tango festival scene and all the wonderful people I have met. Seeing new places durning the day and then dancing the night away. To me it's simple. It's all about the connection of tango.
See you on the dance floor!
Megan has been part of the Tango and I team since May 2015, she is on the "tango fast track". Curious what the Fast Track is? ask her about it!

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Avery Harrington
Tango facilitator
I got into tango because it was presented as a challenge. “Whatever you do, do not take tango as your first dance. It is too difficult and full of nuance. You will get frustrated and quit.” I love tango because it gives back more than I put in. It is a virtuous cycle of questioning and discovery. I will dance tango as long as I can because each dance is a singularity. If we dance a thousand times, each one will be different. I am lucky in tango because my wonderful wife loves the dance as much as me. Tango is more than the sum of its parts. Above all, it is fun. Ask me questions. Share your views with me. And let’s have fun.
Avery has been part of the Tango and I team since May 2015, he is on the "tango fast track". Curious what the Fast Track is? ask him about it!
Morgan Keil
Tango Facilitator
I stumbled upon Argentine Tango in early 2015 while dancing salsa. I was initially drawn in by sheer curiosity. It was the connection, community, wonder, and joy that kept me here. Argentine tango has taught me new things about movement and music. It can be as simple or as complicated as you are ready for. If you can walk, you can dance tango. However, there are also unending possibilities to explore within each movement. It is a dance that I have found to be both accessible and engaging. As a elementary school teacher I love the aspect of learning that is inherent in this dance. New students will quickly become familiar with the idea of practicas; times where the community comes together to share and practice what they have learned with their peers. I love working with others to figure out what makes great movement happen, and I look forward to continuing to deepen my understanding of myself and others within this wonderful dance.