Tango Musicality Workshop with Sabine & Paul Lohman

January 23 & 24 

Music & Movement, the quality of your Tango a workshop offered to you by Sabine Ibes and Paul Lohman

RSVP NOW by email Sabine@tangoandi.com

When you go out dancing and want to be creative with your tango, the music comes first! It is the very first thing you hear when you enter the milonga and gets “your groove” going. It is your guide in helping you decide who to dance with and how you and your partner will move.

We understand that music can seem complex. Getting comfortable with music by understanding its elements and structure will give you new tools and options when you dance. Leaders and followers both have essential roles in responding to the music and creating the quality of movement.

*Listening to music AND your partner

*Creating new improvising ideas

*Expand your tango mind and vocabulary

*Have more fun at milongas.

When: Saturday January 23 11-1   1.30 -3 Sunday January 24 12-2  2.30 – 4

Where: Dance Life Ballroom, 6015 Lyndale Ave Minneapolis MN 55419

Cost: Saturday 11-1 $ 30 – both Saturday classes $ 50. All 4 classes $95

We need you to RSVP so we can send you  some music (homework) so you can familiarize yourself before you come and play with us!

RSVP sabine@tangoandi.com or 612-501-7956


  • Only 23 from 11 – 1 $30
  • Only 24 BOTH classes $55
  • The whole weekend pass $95

Walk in ONLY for the very first class!
We will base all the material on the previous classes, we highly recommend coming to the whole weekend!

Saturday 23rd we will also host TANGO FUSION milonga where you can try out your new found ideas!

More info to come: PLEASE RSVP HERE

A little more about Paul Lohman

DJ Pablo aka: Paul

As a lifelong Minnesotan, Paul discovered that a good hug was important to surviving the winters and thus enthusiastically “embraced” Tango. After dancing for a number of years he decided to combine his Master’s degree in music with his love of Tango and started studying tango music and DJing. He has attended festivals in Portland, Seattle, Ashland OR, Chicago, Denver, St. Louis, Austin TX, Atlanta, Boulder CO, Albuquerque, Montreal and Minneapolis. He DJ’s for numerous events in and around the Twin Cities area including The Tango Society of Minnesota’s [TSoM] monthly milonga, Tango Fusion (DanceLife Ballroom), Tango Society of Rochester [TSoR], Milonga Caliente, TTC Tango Camp Minnesota, the Heartland Tango Festival, and Milonga OM.