Tango Challenge “the neophyte”

Challenge yourself:  Learn to Dance Tango in 3 Months!

Sept – Dec 2016 / LIMITED SPACES
Available in: Los Angeles and Minneapolis

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Not your traditional approach to tango learning; a challenge  to yourself to learn to dance the tango within 3 months with a set goal in mind. Sept – Dec 2016 A steady team of beginner tango students, would meet at a regular basis over 3 months time and guided by our Tango & I creative movement members. To commit your time to the team, where active participation is required! You’ll come out on the other end with a smile and a new skill!

What will you get? Let’s break it down!

  • A commitment to a clear goal.
  • A strict mentor to keep you on track, some tough love required!
  • Individualized one-on-one instruction from world class teachers!
  • A systematic, proven curriculum with over 100 happy graduates.
  • A safe learning environment with supportive team members who are in it for the long haul.
  • Set practice times with a tango partner
  • A gentle segue in to the tango community by going out to dance with your whole team and coaches!
  • A celebration, with champagne, in your honor at a Tango dance in Minneapolis: your end goal – a group dance recital after 3 months.

What will you be asked to do?

  • Make a commitment promise
  • Attend challenge meetings every Thursday evening
  • Attend at least 4 other group classes a month
  • Attend 11 assigned practicas with the challenge team per month
  • Complete independent study projects on time
  • Work with a tango mentor for 15 minutes every other week, (during the practica hours)
  • Be ready to celebrate at the end of the 3 months with your team!

Materials and Tuition

  • Tuition for the challenge meetings are flexible payment, starting  $ 120 per month, up to $180 a month  –  $100 commitment payment!
  • You will need to purchase 12 classes at Dance Life Ballroom (10 for $120 or $14 per class)
  • You will need to purchase 9 practica entrances at Dance Life Ballroom ( $5 each)
  • required course materials, books and printed material, music, up to $ 55 (depending on where you purchase the books)
  • you need to be able to video tape yourself (for personal use only)

How will you achieve your goal?

Your independent studies:

  1. Keep a tango journal.
  2. Set a personal challenge, which you will bring to the second challenge meeting.
  3. Attend 4 beginner, or all level tango group classes per month at Tango & I to work on your personal challenge. (you can choose Wednesday evenings, Saturday mornings)
  4. Listening to ( up to) 12 different tango songs.
  5. Read required material

Team meetings

  • Meet every Thursday evening from 7.30 till 8.30 for the Challenge meeting  at Tango & I Studio ( only 4 blocks from Dance Life Ballroom) for your dance instruction in a semi-private group lesson
  • Meet at 9 practicas, 11 till 1 at Dance Life Ballroom (we can adjust some dates, according to team needs) During practica hours you will have productive practice time  your team members and with assigned tango buddies.  The material will be given to you during Challenge meetings.
  • Plus at these practicas you will receive your bi-weekly 15 minutes mini lesson: 1-on-1 time with your dedicated mentor so you can count on getting a chance to “feel” how it should feel and get direct, personal input on how to improve!

Rules are in place for this challenge, no exceptions please!

This is a team learning experience in which everyone’s active participation is required.

Tango & I can suspend any participant from the challenge when:

  • You miss two team meetings
  • You miss one or two team practicas
  • You miss 2 classes in a row

(unless you have a true emergency, these rules will apply to every challenge participant)

In the situation of suspension, participants will no longer have access to any aspect of the course (15-minute privates, team meetings, projects, online journal and forum, or graduation recital.) They may continue to take group classes and attend practicas. Your Tuition is non-refundable. No exceptions, please

And last but not least:

We need 8 participants in the challenge for the program to start. We will do our best to have 4 leaders and 4 followers.  For obvious reasons, it would be great if you can find a friend  to take the challenge with you. We will, for learning purposes, switch partners and roles often.

Start date September 14 – end date December 8

Deadline for sign up September 8  

Remember: like any commitment, there are rules governing it. They include:

  1. Everyone’s active participation is required to successfully complete your own challenges.
  2. Tango & I can suspend any participant from the challenge when:
    • You miss two team meetings
    • You miss one or two team practicas
    • You miss 2 classes in a row
  3. Unless you have a verifiable emergency, these rules will apply to every challenge participant. If this wasn’t so, then it wouldn’t be much of a challenge, would it?
  4. There are no refunds for suspensions made as a direct consequence of breaking these stipulations.

Tango Challenge frequently asked questions.

How much time does it take?

It takes 5-8 hours per week, including independent work. You’ll need to be available minimally Thursday evenings plus at least one other group class time, and the practica on Saturday mornings.

Do I need a partner?

You will meet many partners in your team and at the school. You do not need a partner to sign up.

Who will be my partner?

One of the things you’ll be learning is how to invite someone to be your Tango partner. We’ll walk you through the process step by step.

Can I sign up with a friend?

Yes, sure! Please note, though, that part of learning Tango is becoming integrated with the larger community. Both of you should be ready to switch partners and roles in most classes and practicas, because this accelerates your learning. And, you will each invite someone different, from outside the team, to partner you for your final recital.

How will I be receive my homework assignments? and other updates?

We will set up a Facebook page that is only accessible for the your team members and the mentors. Here you can discuss tango related topics with each other and check in for the latest updates plus pictures!

What if I have to miss part of it?

You must make up what you miss. Please call the Program Director to find out if your conflict is one we can work around. 612-501-7956

Which classes can I take?

If you’re new to Tango, you can take any Beginner class  Your mentor (the teacher you take your weekly private with) will let you know when you are ready to join the Intermediate all level. Please Note: Even if you have extensive Tango experience, you may still need to develop more skills before entering our higher level classes.

When can I start dancing at milongas?

As soon as you feel like it! The Challenge has some built-in milonga excursions.

Why should I do the Challenge, instead of drop-in classes?

In the Challenge you’ll find a unique experience: a structured curriculum, with clear goals and milestones; individualized guidance and support; access to important, nuanced material that’s impossible to cover in group classes; purposeful integration with the community of more experienced dancers; and a beautiful, festive culmination, celebrating YOU and your achievements!

Can I talk to someone who’s done it?

Of course! Once again, please contact us 612 501 7956.

How should I prepare?

Get some real Tango shoes you’re in love with. They should be beautiful and comfortable. Either leather or suede soles are fine. Everyone’s feet have different needs, so be sure to get the support and consider arch support. Firm, low-heeled (2-inches or less), closed-toed or peep-toed shoes for ladies are ideal. We have somebody on staff that sells tango shoes, but there are other options in the Twin Cities as well!

Megan Harrington (Tango & I teaching assistant) sells tango clothing and tango shoes Adorn Tango

We have a tango shoe exchange in the Twin cities, a Facebook page 
We have some other options as well, which we will share at the first meeting. Having good and comfortable shoes to move in is a MUST