Tango Challenge “The Midway”


Not your traditional approach to tango learning; This Midway challenge is for “seasoned” tango dancers. JUNE-JULY-AUGUST.  A set end goal for you and your teammates, a commitment to yourself and your team to truly dig in your heels with creative movement material that you can use. You’ll come out on the other end with a smile and a fresh found enjoyment for Tango.

What will you be asked to do?

  • Make a commitment promise
  • Attend challenge meetings every Thursday evening
  • Attend at least 4 other group classes a month
  • Attend 2 assigned practicas with the challenge team per month
  • Complete independent study projects on time
  • Be ready to celebrate at the end of the 3 months with your team!

Materials and Tuition *

  • Tuition for the challenge meetings are flexible and donation based, suggested donation is $ 40 per month, up to $85 a month
  • You will need to purchase 12 classes at Dance Life Ballroom (10 for $120 or $14 per class)
  • You will need to purchase 6 practica entrances at Dance Life Ballroom ( $5 each)
  • required course materials, books and printed material, music, up to $ 55 (depending on where you purchase the books)
  • you need to be able to video tape yourself (for personal use only)

What will you get? Let’s break it down!

  • A commitment to a clear goal, set at the first challenge meeting
  • A strict mentor to keep you on track, some tough love required!
  • A safe learning environment with supportive team members who are in it for the long haul.
  • A celebration, with champagne, in your honor at Tango Fusion. If you so wish you can participate in a tango demonstration!
  • Thursdays Challenge meetings 19.5 hours –  Tango classes 13 hours – Practicas 12 hours
  • *Normal cost $ 534 – you only pay $ 298 (need to make payments? Sure!)

How will you achieve your goal?

Your independent studies:

  1. You will bring your personal challenges to the first challenge meeting; Your technique, where is it lacking? (examples: turn out your feet, or working on the obliques, or engaging your back muscles etc.)
  2. Attend 4 tango classes per month at Tango & I to work on your personal challenge. This could be any level class.
  3. Complete a 16 count choreography, that you will teach to the team (over 3 months time)
  4. Listening to ( up to) 9 different tango songs.
  5. Read required material

Team meetings

  • Meet every Thursday evening from 8 till 9.30 for the Challenge for the months of June-July-August
  • Meet at 6 practicas 11 till 1 at Dance Life Ballroom June 11 – 25, July 9 – 23, August 13 – 20. (the dates can be changes according to team needs ) During practica hours you will be training with your team members only.  The material will be given to you during Challenge meetings

Rules are in place for this challenge, no exceptions please!

Everyone’s active participation is required to successfully complete your own challenges.

Tango & I can suspend any participant from the challenge when:

  • You miss two team meetings
  • You miss one or two team practicas
  • You miss 2 classes in a row

(unless you have a true emergency, these rules will apply to every challenge participant)

When you are suspended, no refund is given.

In order to place for this particular Challenge you as a tango dancer must:

  • Be able to lead and follow the 8 count basic (parrallel & cross system)
  • Be able to lead or follow in a comfortable close ,open and versatile embrace
  • Have been dancing for over 3 years. Taking classes on a regular basis,
  • Be very comfortable with the following tango movements: sacada, left and right turns, boleos, barridas, sweeps, rock steps,  ganchos, getting in and out of cross system,
  • Be able to easily recognize a tango, valz, or milonga rhythm
  • Be able to verbalize what the differences are between tango, valz and milonga
  • Have an open mind
  • Have been steadily working on your posture and balance in order to improve your dancing.

And last but not least:

We need 8 participants in the challenge for the program to start. We will do our best to have 4 leaders and 4 followers.  For obvious reasons, it would be great if you can find your own partner to take the challenge with you. We will, for learning purposes, switch partners often.

Start date June 1

Deadline for sign up 25 May   at Sabine@tangoandi.com