Queer Tango Bootcamp November 10

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Queer Argentine Tango Bootcamp
Saturday November 10

Get a quick and fun start with your TANGO, with our 2x 1.5 hour intensive, which offers you a careful selection of material from our Argentine Tango curriculum.

Who can come?  Anybody, bring your friends to join these courses! This will be an all level intensive. All of the foundations, sequences, lead and follow, embrace, posture, music, etiquette, improvisation technique. Everything you wanted to know about Argentine tango so you can enjoy going out dancing ahead of your schedule.

This particular bootcamp is geared towards the queer tango community.

Cost? $25 for one class $ 40 for two classes

When/Where?  Flying Pig Studio—6232 Lyndale Ave S, Richfield (right off Crosstown)

Saturday November 10,  10 am  and 12 noon ( different material in each class, both classes = 8 weeks tango learning)

Lead?Follow?  We do not conform to heteronormative dance roles. However, you will need to learn either the one or the other or both, in order to actually dance the tango ( :    You will get to taste a little of both, and then YOU can make the choice.  No need to bring a partner, but encourage any of your friends to come and enhance the fun.

There will be plenty of experienced dancers available to help you out, since we have many peer teachers in these classes!

Please RSVP by sending an email to Sabine@tangoandi.com

The classes will be taught by Sabine Ibes, Janeen Rae, Morgan Keil, Susan Mc Kenna, Avery Harrington and Megan Harrington AND many peer teachers!

You can follow through with more classes on Wednesday evenings  and Saturday mornings at Flying Pig Studio with Sabine and her team!

  • Bring shoes that pivot (make turns)
  • Bring a notebook and camera
  • Wear something you like and feel comfortable in. No need to dress up
  • Come early to register
  • Round up a friend or two to enhance your fun!
  • Start practicing your tango by giving nice long hugs!!!
  • Listen to some tango music, it’ll get you in the mood for dancing!

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Have a hoot without the boot...Ask about going to camp later

You will be transferred to a remote site. Choose the one or two-class option in the drop-down menu and then follow instructions.