Mindfulness Tango Retreat

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Mindfulness meditation…a technique focused on breath, heartbeat, thoughts and feelings without judgement. Mindfulness builds the mind-body bond…the body is the dancer’s instrument. This tango retreat will build on moving and connecting with oneself and with your partner without judgement.

Will you be dancing tango, you ask? Absolutely!

You do need to choose your focus: we have 20 spots for follower-ship and 20 spots for leadership.

What you will receive:

  • 3 hours of guided focus on either leadership or follower-ship
  • a milonga
  • lunch
  • an outdoor dance floor and an indoor dance floor in the home of John and Sabine Ibes, Tango & I studio.

YOU NEED TO RESERVE A SPOT! Send your reservation request to: Sabine@tangoandi.com.
Your spot will be reserved with a pre-payment of $85.